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Meet Peta Carige

Peta Carige is one of Australia’s leading Sports Dietitians who focuses on maximising performance by proving simple, practical and individualised advice.

Peta has worked with a range of athletes including Olympic Gold Medalists and Premiership winning players. She specialises in Performance Nutrition, Corporate Presenting and Meal Plans.

“Nutrition has become complex but my goal is to work towards a clearer vision together.”

What Peta can do for you

Performance Nutrition

With over 15 years of experience with elite athletes, Peta delivers well rounded nutrition advice that ensures athletes are able to train hard, stay healthy, be injury-free, and compete at their best.

Corporate Presentations

Peta is a sought after presenter in Nutrition, Performance, Sports Nutrition and Nutrition for Mental Health. She thrives on helping her clients feel empowered to improve their health through a solid nutrition foundation.

Meal Plans

Peta can create nutritious weekly meal plans that optimises training adaptions and the rehabilitation’s of injuries.  

Current and previous clients include

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